Certified translations of documents

Certified translations are issued with a clause of a certified translator and are inseparably bound either to the original or a notarized copy of the translated document. These translations are commonly referred to as official translations or certified translations. In any case, these are high-level translations created by expert professionals in their respective fields.

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In addition to a paper version, we offer a digital certified translation for specific language pairs. This option comes equipped with an electronic seal and a time stamp, ensuring the authenticity and legality of the translation.

Certified translation of documents

is mostly utilized for communication with state administration in either paper or digital format.

is always prepared by a translator appointed by the Ministry of Justice.

shall be suitably bound with a tricolor alongside the original or notarized copy and a translator’s clause.

Digital Certified Translation

The digital format of a translation can be leveraged for official communication with various public entities, and it holds the same legal weight as its paper-based counterpart.

In order to maintain the same legal validity as its physical counterpart, a digital translation must be signed using a qualified electronic signature that is accompanied by a mandate certificate. Furthermore, it must include a valid time stamp to ensure the accuracy and validity of the document.

Certified digital translations of documents are available in two officially recognized formats.

  • ASiC container / CAdES

The translated document is available in a secured conversion, and the certified translator combines it with the translation into an Advanced Signature and Encryption (ASiC) container. The container is then bestowed with a mandate seal and a time stamp.

  • PDF / PadES

The translated document is available in a scanned format, and the certified translator binds the scanned document with the translation into a PDF and subsequently affixes a mandate seal, including a time stamp.

Certified interpreting

We offer precise and timely official document translations for various purposes:

  • Report cards, diplomas, certificates, attendance certificates, grade lists
  • Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of residence
  • Decisions, resolutions, laws and regulations
  • Medical reports, clinical studies, expert assessments
  • Contracts, invoices, exports from business registers, general terms and conditions
  • Documents for vehicle imports, COC certificates

Our official translations are prepared with the utmost care and accuracy, following theinternational translation services management standard, underlined below.

Certified translations are preceded by OCR digitalization

1. Preparation of document (OCR)

The translated document is usually a scanned document that is converted into an editable format using optical recognition and recreation of formatted text (OCR), including indents, headers and footers, pagination, tables of content, and images.

2. Certified translation

Once prepared, the document is assigned to a meticulously vetted certified translator whose industry/field of expertise aligns with that of the document. It’s important to keep in mind that each translator has their own area of expertise and specialization when it comes to specific terminologies.

Certified translations of documents
Translation proofreading

3. Revision and proofreading

The translation is checked for any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors to ensure a typo-free and semantically sound translation.

4. Final check

An additional check will be conducted to ensure translation accuracy before finalizing the binding process. This stage is particularly crucial in identifying any possible numerical errors or formal flaws.

Final check and quality assurance
Binding & Delivery

5. Binding & Delivery

Once the translation process is complete, the certified translation is affixed inseparably to the translated document, accompanied by the translator’s certification clause. The prepared translation is now available. The customer can either collect the document from our office, have it delivered, or opt for postal delivery.