It is a well-established practice that linguistic corrections or revisions of texts should be done by translators who are native speakers of the target language. Our service is all about refining your writing by addressing spelling, grammar, style, and typography errors.

We usually prepare

Basic Proofreading

Clear and concise writing is crucial for effective communication. Basic proofreading service ensures error-free grammar and punctuation, giving you the confidence to communicate your ideas precisely. Every single translation we create goes through the same proofreading process by one of our language experts.

  • literary, science, or journalistic texts
  • undergraduate/graduate thesis
  • annual reports
  • correspondence

Style & Semantic Proofreading

This includes a comprehensive text improvement from correcting grammar and spelling to refining style and typography. Our approach involves comparing the target text to the source text and ensuring consistency with terminology. The assurance of quality corrections is upheld by a team of professional linguists who possess extensive expertise in the target language’s field.

Prepress Proofreading

This particular method of text correction is typically employed in situations where the text is destined for publication at a later time.

  • articles
  • promo materials
  • catalogues
  • publications

Frequently, you send us texts that have undergone desktop publishing or DTP processing. Worry not, as we got that covered! Thanks to cutting-edge CAT software, we can work with exchange files of DTP programs such as

  • Indesign (.inx, .idml)
  • QuarkXpress (.xtg, .tag)

Desktop Publishing professionals can seamlessly integrate text into their work environment without tedious and time-consuming copy-pasting.

Academic Proofreading

This form of text correction primarily aims to enhance academic papers’ linguistic and stylistic quality, making them suitable for acceptance in international journals published in a foreign language. In addition, it also involves ensuring compliance with the stylistic and formatting guidelines of a specific scientific journal or style manual preferred in the relevant scientific field. At the same time, we direct our efforts toward elevating the formality and academic tone of the language while ensuring that the text remains easily comprehensible and readable. With the same level of commitment, we also bring to your attention any uncertainties, duplications, or deficiencies in the content to enhance the precision, consistency, and clarity of your work.

It is worth noting that our proofreading method being employed adheres to the widely accepted prescribed publication and citation styles with utmost accuracy.