Translations adapted to cater to the unique preferences and behaviors of the target demographic

Are you planning to expand your reach to a specific target audience? If so, you may need to consider localized translation, also known as localization. This approach allows you to communicate with the target group in their native language. Localization generally leads to an increase in the engagement time of a website and positively influences decision-making in shopping or provides for a country-specific localization of software.

Localized translations also consider date-recording formats, currency units, and references to local institutions or laws. It’s essential to remember that what might seem like a harmless joke in one language could be perceived as a downright insult in another. The main goal for Centrum Jazykov is to ensure that every localization captures the essence of the message while embracing the local culture’s unique characteristics.

  • preserving the brand’s legacy and evoking the same emotional response across borders
  • greater outreach to a significantly larger audience
  • increasing the credibility and persuasiveness of your product or service


Website localization, also referred to as language mutation, is an essential step toward expanding your business to international customers. It helps you reach out to potential customers and enhances your website’s search engine ranking (SERP), giving you a competitive edge in the digital world.

In the popular content management system (CMS) WordPress, we employ the following localization tools that serve to optimize our workflow:

  • Poedit
  • WPML
  • Weglot

With the aid of these tools and the RWS Trados Studio CAT software, we can effortlessly work with exports from HTML/PHP (.xml, .csv), making translating and managing content more efficient and seamless. The software employed in this context enables the separation of visible and embedded text from code through the application of parsing and delimitation. Rest assured that we will provide the translated texts seamlessly integrated into the original code without compromising its original functionalities.

Lokalizácia web stránky
SEO lokalizovaný preklad

SEO and performance marketing

By optimizing your website for SEO or creating and managing PPC/CPC campaigns, you can unlock the potential to drive more traffic, increase conversions, and improve your product, service, and brand search rankings. The unifying factor in this context is the use of keywords, target market specificities, and search inquiries.
Localizing the translation of keywords, meta texts, advertising spots, and advertising headlines is crucial in ensuring that the content is easily comprehensible to the target audience while remaining recognizable to the search algorithm.

Thanks to the employment of RWS Trados Studio CAT software, we can expedite our work on digital texts while adhering to specific terminology, ultimately resulting in cost savings for our clients. We typically work with data sourced from the following platforms:

  • GoogleAds
  • Instagram
  • Facebook manager
  • LinkedIn
  • Yoast SEO

Software and apps

The localization tool RWS Trados Passolo helps us create translations of applications and software that can reach people worldwide, breaking down language barriers and connecting individuals across cultures.
Take your software or application to the next level with this powerful tool that handles both the front-end and back-end seamlessly.
Among other things, it enables us to efficiently work with text exports from your framework while also being fully capable of handling the exports using tag manager to streamline the process.

  • optimized localization workflow
  • expedited and consistent translation process
  • well-arranged and user-friendly translation of Graphical User Interface
  • real-time testing
Lokalizovaný preklad aplikácií a softvéru

Challenging localized translations delivered


VOX TRAVEL (voxtravel.com)

Language pair

English – German
English – French


1350 SP /
250k words


CMS source code
.csv/.xml (UTF-80)

1 project manager
4 translators
2 proofreaders
30 business days


Language pair

Slovak – Ukrainian
Slovak – English


110 SP /
27k words


CMS export
.csv/.xml, .docx

1 project manager
3 translators
2 proofreaders
30 business days

Software localization

SOFTEC (softtec.sk)

Language pair

Slovak – Czech


430 SP


Source code .xml

1 project manager
2 translators
1 proofreader
14 business days

Effective translation and localization is an essential gateway to the global market for your product or service.