Digital translations

We are committed to provide you with industry-specific translations that are highly accurate and scalable to meet your needs. Rest assured that our team of carefully vetted translators are not only skilled in their respective languages but also possess expert knowledge in diverse fields such as law, medicine, industry, and more.

Our electronic translations are delivered with precision in the designated format and within the specified timeframe to cater to the requirements of further use.

If you require further information, please complete the request for a non-binding quotation. Detailed information regarding pricing, dates, and delivery options will be made available promptly.

We offer precise and timely translations in various fields and specializations:

  • Legal translations – contracts, terms and conditions, motions, decisions, standards.
  • Technical translations – guides, manuals, drawings, project documentation, catalogues.
  • Financial translations – financial statements, audits, financial reports, investment plans.
  • Medical and pharmacy translations – medical reports, clinical trials, medicinal products registration, package information leaflets.
  • IT and Telco – software and application localization, website translations, regulations.
  • Marketing – campaigns, creative and content, analyses, copywriting, periodic content.

The process of electronic translation, regardless of its length, requires a particular set of procedures to be followed..

Our translations are prepared with the utmost care and accuracy, following the international translation services management standard, underlined below.

1. Source text analysis

Following a thorough analysis of the text in this stage, we provide a precise price quote and concurrently identify the most appropriate methodology for executing your assignment.

2. Document preparation (OCR)

Scanned texts can be converted into an editable format using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which involves recognizing and recreating formatted text. On the other hand, texts embedded into the source code can be exported through parsing software, which involves a syntactical analysis of the code.

Certified translations are preceded by OCR digitalization

3. Translation assignment

The project manager assigns prepared text to a suitable translator or a team of translators. Our team utilizes cutting-edge CAT software that guarantees uniformity in language and format. With this software, we can effortlessly maintain consistent terminology while ensuring that the text reflects the original input source.

4. Revision and proofreading

The translation is checked for any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors to ensure a typo-free and semantically sound translation.

Final check and quality assurance

5. Final check (Quality Assurance)

An additional verification is carried out to ensure the accuracy of the translation prior to delivery. This step holds significant importance, particularly when the translated text is intended for publication or implementation on a website or software.

6. Delivery

The finalized translation is delivered in pre-agreed terms and formats. Furthermore, we offer the option of dispatching the completed translation through postal or electronic means or arranging for it to be delivered to your designated location.